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Dr. Suzanne must be one of the most knowledgeable ND's in the state! I've had an amazingly complicated endocrine, immune, female issues, hormone imbalances history and she nails it every time! She explains in detail exactly what's going on in my body, explains the process of recovery, and prescribes what she KNOWS is appropriate for my condition. I'm enjoying a much healthier life, I'm no longer depressed and anxious all the time, and I've also lost weight through the process - a bonus! I know I can count on Dr. Suzanne for just about anything physical or emotional that comes up - and that gives me great peace of mind! Don't hesitate, she's the best!

Anonymous (by request)

Dr. Sykurski has been an amazing naturopath. I am lucky to have discovered her website three years ago when I was dealing with numerous health issues that traditional doctors could not figure out. She has been relentless in her efforts to help me over the last three years and has identified health issues that other doctors refused to consider. She is currently helping me overcome a parasitic infection that went undiscovered for a long time. She has educated me on nutrition, detox, vitamins, and probiotics. I have improved vastly from the Thorne vitamins and minerals and Innate probiotics that she has prescribed along with numerous other natural supplements and detox regimens. She understands that severe cases still require pharmaceuticals and has prescribed me anti-parasitic and anti-fungal protocols that have significantly improved my health. She has helped me with my FMLA claim at work ensure I am protected while dealing with my current health issues. Dr. Sykurski is dedicated to helping her patients. I have been able to reach her anytime of day when I have a question or concern about my health issues. I have never had any issues with billing to my insurance company and she has been more than flexible on receiving payments from me. Over the past three years, she has definitely become more than just my doctor, Suzanne is always a caring friend.

C.G. Seattle, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Sykurski's, Alpine Naturopathic, for many years now, and I will continue to be a patient for as long as she continues to practice. She is, without any doubt, the most knowledgeable naturopathic doctor I've ever gone to, and I went to quite a few before I found her. She has always worked with me, and at times going over and above to provide me with the medical care that I needed, and I could not afford at the time. I am forever grateful to her! The testing she requires I do annually are absolutely necessary, and I've seen how important these tests are, because two of my dearest friends were prescribed estrogen cream and told to "put as much on as you feel you need to eliminate your symptoms" by two other naturopathic doctors. One friend had Stage 4 ovarian cancer within a year of being treated by the quack she was seeing (by the way, whom also has an MD), and thankfully, the other friend is doing just fine now, and got her estrogen balanced because she is now a patient of Dr. Sykurski's. The cavalier attitude a lot of MDs and NDs have about giving people hormones without testing and balancing them is nothing short of insane. Thank you Dr. Sykurski for sticking to your principles, and for caring so much about your patients. I've seen for myself that these tests are life savers! Dr. Sykurski is without any doubt the finest naturopathic doctor I've had the fortune to know. Would I recommend her? You'd be insane not see her!

M.B. Bellevue, WA

Dr. Sykurski is amazing. She doesn't have a production line practice where you get a 15-minute consult and are then rushed out the door. She takes the time to get to know you and understand your concerns, your goals and your lifestyle. She's able to explain the science behind a diagnosis and the treatment -- and always makes sure you understand your options. She's a good person who genuinely cares about her patients.

M.P. Issaquah, WA

I found Dr. Suzanne to be one of the most sensitive, caring, and knowledgeable naturopaths I've ever met. In a field where there are so many alternative therapies, I loved the fact that she has sound university credentials in many areas of science and medicine. I do published research in the field of alternative medicine, so I highly recommend her services.

M.W. Agoura Hills, CA

I used to suffer from severe and debilitating allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, and dull pain and heat sensation throughout the right side of my body, and joint stiffness and pain in my hands. I was taking six medications daily to suppress these symptoms. When the medications could no longer mask the severe allergy symptoms, I went to Dr. Sykurski. After 10 weeks of detoxification treatments, not only was I free of the allergy symptoms, my asthma and high blood pressure were gone too! My pains were almost gone to my astonishment! I could stop taking all the medications even before the 10 weeks was up! There seem to be so many approaches to detoxification these days, but Dr. Sykurski's approach made lots of sense to me; stop putting toxins into your body, flush out the accumulated toxins from your body, and take supplements to enhance the detoxification process. I had my hopes up, but I never dreamed that it would take only 10 weeks to get my health back! Not only I got my health back, but I also have more stamina than ever, I lost weight, and my skin looks much better. I truly owe the quality of my next 30 years of life to Dr. Sykurski.

Y.A. Maple Valley, WA

"My experience on the HCG diet has been excellent. I lost 40 lbs in a 10 week time period fairly effortlessly. My success was largely due to the planning and advisory of Dr. Sykurski. Her suggestion of the various supplements and additional lipotropic shots as well as just having her available to ask questions when I needed to was crucial. I felt very prepared ahead of time in knowing how to plan out my eating and was thankful to have the packet of information, the tracking chart and the ketone sticks. The diet is fairly extreme compared to many so I would personally never attempt this without being in the care of a doctor.

Aside from the obvious weight loss, I slept really well in cutting out the sugars and going through such a thorough detox. I felt good, my skin looked good and I had quite a bit of energy. I also found that learning to be in control of what I was eating again and making such a major change was exactly what I needed to change my thought process about rewarding myself with food in a variety of ways. A week into the transition, I am finding it easy to stick with the recommendations and I am still not craving starch/bread or junky sugars. I am much more healthy in my relationship to food. I am super pleased with the results!"

B.W. Bothell, WA

I want to thank you for the amazing expertise and experience you provided me during my HCG diet program. I was skeptical about my ability to follow it and not feel like I was starving, however your program changed that. During the process I followed all your directions and used the cookbook. I was shocked at how easy it was. Thank you so very much for your attentiveness to my needs and helping in the success of my weight loss.

L.Y.L. Issaquah, WA

"I have been working with Dr. Sykurski for several years now. She has helped me so much in getting my life back. She is truly an expert in HCG weight loss, detoxification, and hormone balancing. She uncovered my health problems that have been missed for decades by other doctors. With her expert help and one on one guidance, I have FINALLY been able to lose 55 pounds. My health is back: I am thinner, I sleep better, my mood is better and now looking forward to finding love in my life. I cannot say enough about Dr. Sykurski. She really is the best doctor I have worked with in 30 years."

P.B. Maple Valley, WA

I have been seeing Dr. Sykurski for the past 5 months and my health has completely turned around. After struggling with Lyme Disease for the past 4 years my immune system was very compromised and with the combination of IV therapy's and supplements I was able to get my health better than it has been for the past 4 years. Dr. Sykurski is very knowledgeable about cutting edge holistic treatments and is very easy to talk with as well as a great listener. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to turn their health around!

W.S. Bellevue, WA                                           

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