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Online Supplement Store

****Note: HSA/FSA Account Holders: Fullscript is set up to accept your HSA and FSA cards for payment. This is great news as the only other place you can use your HSA/FSA card to buy supplements is in a physician's office.

Fullscript is a portal for purchasing high quality physician-grade supplements. The supplier for the supplements is Emerson Ecologics, the same distributor that many physicians use for obtaining supplements that they carry in their offices. All the supplements come DIRECTLY from the individual manufacturers.

Using Fullscript to order the supplement products you need for your health is a "one stop" shop, as they carry products from over 275 different supplement manufacturers. It has an easy to use search feature so you can compare products of the same type from different manufacturers.

Over the years we have tried to do our best to provide patients with the very best highest quality nutritional supplements. Hopefully by now patients realize that supplements purchased from grocery stores and large warehouse distribution centers are typically very poor quality. Many of the supplements that are sold directly to the consumer in these stores also have toxic chemicals that have been found to cause cancer!

Many of the supplements at the big chain stores and even at boutique supplement stores are chosen because they can be obtained by the the lowest bid, and they are the least expensive brand for that business to buy, allowing the retailer to maximize profits. Earlier in this year, an investigation conducted by the New York Attorney General's office discovered that 80% of supplements sold at stores like Target, GNC, Walgreens, etc. did not contain the supplements and amounts indicated on the label.

Another problem that we have witnessed is the increase in the number of websites that are selling "physician grade" supplements. Many of these websites cannot be tracked to determine the owner of the website or the country of origin. We are also seeing many of the physician grade supplements on everyone's favorite A to Z online store.

All we can say is "buyer beware." There has been an alarming increase in the number of patients having severe reactions to taking supplements that were purchased online from these websites and even ending up in the ER due to these severe reactions. The products may be tainted, counterfeit, or expired. There is no "vetting" of distributors who are selling online supplements. Many of the legitimate supplement companies now have internal Internet security departments who's sole purpose to hunt and fish out these counterfeit websites and/or merchants. They describe it as "playing wack-a-mole". As soon as they shut down one site another one pops back up.

Dr. Sykurski tells her patients that if you are going to put it in your body or on your body (skin care products) then be very careful where you are buying these products. Dr. Sykurski will only offer her patients the safest, highest quality supplements that she can find.

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