Alpine Naturopathic Clinic - HCG Weight Loss & Longevity Medicine

 As a board-certified, licensed, naturopathic physician, my goal is to provide caring, attentive and thorough holistic health care.  My practice goals are to promote wellness and prevent and treat disease by employing therapies such as nutrition, lifestyle analysis, herbal medicine, medication prescriptions, homeopathy, intravenous (IV) vitamin injections, and relaxation therapies. 
My specialties include Lyme Disease and Lyme co-infections, SIBO, Candida Issues, Mold Illness, Bio-identical hormone therapy, Wilson's Temperature Syndrome, thyroid imbalances, adrenal fatigue, detoxification, iron infusions for anemia, neurological imbalances,  chronic fatigue syndrome, immune system challenges/ autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases (MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers), heavy metal toxicity, and chronic pain syndromes, and nutragenomics (genetics and health management), MTHFR issues.

I am not a primary care doctor.  I do not provide primary care services.   
I wholly support integrative medical care (ND-MD), using the best of conventional and naturopathic medical therapies specific for each patient’s health challenge. The therapies I recommend are carefully researched against the most current treatment protocols for each specific disease and specially tailored to the individual patient.

My license in state of Washington allows me to prescribe all non-controlled medications, and limited prescribing for DEA-controlled medications.  I prescribe medications as necessary and can help you manage your current prescriptions.  I prefer to work collaboratively with your current prescriber (MD, DO, ARNP) if you wish to adjust/decrease your current medications.

Doctorate, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine  (ND/NMD)                        Bastyr University  2004

Masters of Science, Chemistry/Biochemistry (MS)                                    University of Maryland  1992

Bachelors of Science, Chemistry (BS)                                                          University of Delaware  1983

Massage Therapy                                                                                   
    Brenneke School of Massage  1999 
Medical Practice
Naturopathic Physician
(2004 to current)
Salish Lodge Massage Therapist

Other Experience

Forensics /Toxicology
Walter Reed Army Medical Center Department of Pathology
Senior scientist responsible for forensic review and certification of laboratory testing results.  Provided legal consultation for prosecuting and defense attorneys.  Federal court forensics expert on drug toxicology and analytical chemistry testing methods.  Supported quality control / quality assurance oversight of laboratory.
County Police Crime Lab
Responsible for laboratory chemical analyses of submitted forensics evidence.  Provided legal consultation for prosecuting and defense attorneys.  District and federal court scientific forensics expert witness.
FDA Agricultural Research Center
Laboratory research scientist/ toxicologist. Developed analytical testing methods to detect regulated livestock drugs.  Joint coordination with FDA, USDA, and Food Safety Inspection Service officials. 
Military Service 
Commissioned Officer US Army Active
Master Fitness Trainer Instructor.  Logistics maintenance supervisor. Training program development and implementation.  Project manager. 
Commissioned Officer US Army Reserves
Company commander.  Primary staff officer to battalion commander.  Training advisor in infantry training brigade.  Promoted to rank of Major before completion of military service.
Fitness Trainer
Personal Fitness Trainer
Fitness trainer and amateur bodybuilder. Aerobic enhancement, strength training, flexibility programs.  Nutrition, weight-loss counseling, and body fat assessments.
Master Fitness Trainer
Certified through the Soldier Support Center, Fort Benjamin Harrison.  Provided 40 hour train the trainer certification classes to American forces/ military personnel.  Established fitness policy and procedure regulations and standards.
Restorative Medicine (thyroid and adrenal support)
Advanced IV Therapy
Chelation Therapy
Basic Nurses IV Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy I and II Upledger Institute
Master Fitness Trainer
Herbal Medicine
Transitions Weight Loss 
CPR First Responder
Specialty Training
Wilson's Temperature Syndrome
MTHFR Specialty Training
HCG Weight Loss Therapy
BioIdentical Hormone Therapy
IV Therapy Internship
Nutrition and Diet Counseling/Weight management
Myofascial Therapy for Chronic Pain Syndromes
Neuromuscular Re-Education Therapy
Polarity Therapy for Stubborn Pain Conditions
Missionary Dental Surgery Assistant in Central America    
Professional Memberships 
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)
WA State Association of Naturopathic Physicians (WANP)
American Association of Restorative Medicine (AARM)
American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
Previous Professional Memberships:
American Chemical Society (ACS)  
Society of Armed Forces Medical Laboratory Scientists (SAFMLS)  
Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists (MAAFS)
Reserve Officers Association (ROA)   
Department of the Army Civilian Commendation Award
Army Commendation Medal   x3
Army Achievement Medal
Army Physical Fitness Excellence Badge   x4
Army Overseas Service Medal   x3 
Army Achievement for Physical Fitness Excellence   x4
Distinguished Military Graduate  (Top 5% ROTC)
Army Parachutists Badge/Airborne School