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Fee-for-Service Cash Prices
Extended Appointment Time
Telephone Consultations
Dr. Sykurski provides a fee-for-service cash price listing for patients who do not have naturopathic medicine services covered on their health insurance plans. 

If a patient requests to have their appointment time extended beyond the time typically covered by their health insurance plan, an agreement will be signed by the patient acknowledging the extra time fee.  The patient acknowledges that she/he will not attempt to seek reimbursement from the health insurance company.

Current Fee Schedule:

Initial Office Visit:            1 hour:    $200.00
Initial Office Visit:   1 1/2  hours:    $300.00
Each add'l hour for extended appointments:  $200.00

Follow up appointments:
                                    5-15 minutes:    $85.00
                                  16-30 minutes:    $125.00
                                  31-45 minutes:    $165.00
                                  46-60 minutes:    $200.00
                                  61-75 minutes:    $280.00
                                  76-90 minutes:    $300.00

Skype Consultations:
Dr. Sykurski provides Skype consultations for follow-up visits only. 
Patients who schedule Skype consultations must provide a credit card number to hold the appointment.
The fee-for-service cash prices listed above apply to Skype consultation fees.

Non-Fee Services
Non-fee services are limited to 5 minutes via phone or e-mail time to address questions on already established treatment plans.  New questions or health issues need to be addressed in a follow-up scheduled appointment.