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Vitality Medical Care

*** NOTICE ***

Our Issaquah, Washington clinic location has closed after 16 years. 


We were unable to see patients during the state of emergency / pandemic.  

This situation forced an earlier than expected closure of our doors.

Dr. Sykurski is offering telephone consultations at this time for Washington state patients.  

We will no longer bill health insurance for consults.  

Are you tired of going from doctor to doctor...only to find that no one is able to figure out why:

  • all your medical testing is "normal" and yet you know that something's wrong?
  • you're tired all the time?
  • your brain fog is so bad and interfering with your daily life?
  • you are not able to eat the foods you used to enjoy, without getting nasty stomach issues?
  • every method you've tried to get a good night sleep just isn't working?
  • you just can't shake that depression or anxiety that is robbing you of your vitality?
  • your memory is failing? You're worried and you're scared to talk about it?

Well, the good news is that you are not alone!

I also used to suffer from many of these conditions. I began to experience chronic health challenges by the age of only 2 years old. Every decade of my life was fraught with different and complex health issues. I began the daunting task of healing myself at the age of 25, with little or no real guidance from "experts."

My path has led me to uncover many secrets that were necessary to heal myself. This huge shift in my health is why I left my 15-year career as a research scientist, military officer, forensic biochemist, and courtroom expert witness.

I wanted to learn more deeply about the human body and how things in our body and health become broken...and how to fix them! I wanted to learn how to heal my own body and help others heal from their health challenges.

Over the last 13+ years as a practicing physician, I have developed a number of highly effective programs designed to help patients heal from many of these nagging conditions that leave most doctors baffled, just shaking their heads.

Please email requests to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sykurski @

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